Club championships – 18/19 – Round 2 – 10th Nov – Pickling Yards – RESULTS

Evening everyone,

Club championships – 18/19 – Round 2 – 10th Nov – Pickling Yards – RESULTS

Results are now available from yesterday’s club trial at the Pickling yards in Mortimer. After a minutes silence at 11am, the event got underway in glorious sunshine. Reynard and Dave had set out a course that avoided the worst of the wet areas, but still challenged all classes.  Unfortunately, towards the halfway point the skies darkened and the heavens opened. The course held up reasonably well, but some points on the A and B routes became fairly tricky with the top runners notching up higher marks that we usually see.

Results: results CtC 18-19 – Round 2 – Pickling Yards – 101118

Overall, a good days riding for all and we look forward now to the Christmas trial at the same venue on Saturday  29th December. Get it in your diaries!


Class winners

A route B route C Route
1st Mark Elms 31 1st Adrian Steele 10 1st Jonathan Hawthorne 2
2nd Alex Taylor 35 2nd Dave Barrett 15 2nd Nigel Woods 9
3rd Tony Moulder 46 3rd Richard Hawthorne 24 3rd Brice Haines 10
Youth B, B route
1st Bailey Tidbury 18


As ever, check the website for more info.



Club championships – 18/19 – Round 1 –22nd Sept – Ellisons – RESULTS


Thanks to you all for attending the first round the 18/19 club trials championships at Ellisons/Headlongs. The day was enjoyed by the loyal members in the fine drizzle which prevailed throughout the day. Five laps of eight sections produced clear winners in all classes with no retirements-fun for all!

Thanks to Dave and Reynard for setting up the week before, and particularly to Tony, Anne and Jacqui for braving the autumn weather to run the event.


A route B route C Route
1st Reynard Norris 5 1st Adrian Steele 23 1st Ian Bartholomew 4
2nd Alex Taylor 14 2nd Dave Barrett 45 2nd Laurence Hansen 7
3rd Mark Elms 14 3rd Richard Hawthorne 45 3rd William Brown 28
Youth B, B route
1st Bailey Tidbury 50



Full results: results CtC 18-19 – Round1 Ellisons – 220918


See you all again at the Pickling Yards on Sat 10th Nov for Armistice weekend trial.