Tony Whiting

It is with sadness we have report the passing of Tony Whiting

Tony was a longtime member and supporter of the Aldermaston Nomads, and a regular competitor at our events.

Tony Whiting

His burial service will be on Monday 14th Sept at 1pm at St Mary’s church in Mortimer. There  will be a horse drawn carriage leaving from village before that. Please note, the access to Church may be restricted due to the current Covid restrictions.

The Calleva Arms in Silchester is opening in the afternoon for drinks.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

Inappropriate riding at Headley

Basingstoke MCC have contacted me today to inform me that there has been some inappropriate use of the their land at Headley.  There was no events planned and I’m told the landowner was not aware.

Please note that this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated at any of the land used by the Nomads. Use of land to practice in this way is selfish and jeopardises future use for trials.


communication from Basingstoke MCC:

We have had complaints from local residents and the council that people have been using our Headley site as a practice ground during this Covid 19 pandemic, namely Easter weekend and today. There is to be NO RIDING at the site during this period, and we have been warned that we will be banned from using the site in future if this continues. Please do not ride here, the only permitted time will be at our first official trial after the lockdown is lifted. Thank you to all those who are obeying the rules.

Pathfinder 2020 and Hermitage trial – CANCELLED

I’ve been avoiding posting this, but with  the current COVID-19 situation and subsequent ACU event restrictions, we have no choice but to postpone our events for the foreseeable future.

The events postponed:

Pathfinder 3 stage trial – 17th May  (possible rearranged date in October)

Hermitage club trial – 2nd May


We are fully behind the ban, and hope we can rearrange as soon as possible.

Stay safe!


Aldermaston Nomads and Surrey TRF – Pathfinder 3 stage trial – Sunday 17th May 20

Aldermaston Nomads and Surrey TRF are pleased to be able to announce that we will once again be running the Pathfinder 3 stage trial in 2020. After a successful return to Bagshot D1 and 2  last year, we have once again been able to secure the use of the Bagshot driver training areas in Surrey.

All the details can be found here: Pathfinder 3 Stage

Aldermaston Club Trials Championship – 2019/20 – Round 4 – RESULTS

Aldermaston Club Trials Championship – 2019/20 – Round 4 – RESULTS


A dry but chilly day greeted 18 riders at the Nomads trial at Ellisons today. A course of 10 sections had been set out to avoid the worst of the mud, though it was inevitably a pretty slippy event. Some of the sections seemed ride better as a line developed, whilst several became very slippery where the route crossed tricky roots. Overall, a good club trial which was enjoyed by all.


Congratulations to Reynard Norris, Dave Barrett , Jonathan Evans and Glen Hutchins for their respective class wins.

Thanks as always to Rey and Dave for setting the course and the Haines family ( along with Jacqui Brooks) for the admin and marking.

Slightly revised version of results attached now

Copy of the results can be found here – results CtC 19-20 – Round 4 – Ellisons – 070320 v2