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Club Championship Round 5 15/16

The last Round of the 15/16 Championship saw 15 riders tackle the sandy hills at Hermitage with a wide range of marks lost.

The Class winners were –

A route –     Reynard Norris     2 lost

B route –     Adrian Steele        1 lost

Pre ’65  –     Brice Haines          123 lost

Youth B, A route  –     Brett Harbud       15 lost

Youth C, A route  –     Max Agar           147 lost

Youth B, C route  –     Bailey Tidbury     34 lost

Pathfinder 3-Stage Trial 17th April 2016

Frith Hill, Deepcut, ACU Permit No. 43243
Provisional results
Pathfinder Cup and Replica 19, Tony Erry, 0 marks lost
Simon Dowse Memorial Trophy 49, Tony Moulder, 4 Marks Lost

Enduro Expert Enduro Clubmen Enduro Sportsman
Winner 82 Alex Mace 1 Winner 19 Tony Erry 0 Winner 41 Steve Parker 0
1st class 74 Bryan Smith 1 1st Class 39 David Fisher 0 1st class 18 Tom Sutton 8
1st Class 3 Graham Smith 10
Trail Expert Trail Novice
Winner 58 Mike Husband 3 Winner 68 Terry Tidbury 0
1st Class 12 Dave Plumley 2
1st Class 63 Steve Baldock 3
Trials Expert Trials Novice
Winner 49 Tony Moulder 4 Winner 75 Simon Cooper 15
Fastest Special test Tony Moulder 20.85
Observers raffle 1st Pete Spray, 2nd Mike Leeke
Huge thanks go to Kevin Greening and Steve McCormick and their colleagues at Surrey Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) for their help in setting out, marshalling and encouraging enough riders to make it worthwhile running the event.
Lots of photo’s here:

Notice of AGM

To all members –
The Nomads AGM will be held on Tuesday 24th May at 8pm

It will be held at- 3, Willow Corner, Baughurst, Tadley RG26 5PL

This will be a key meeting where the future of the Pathfinder and our C to C trials will be discussed, possibly affecting the future of the Club.
We need to know how many will be coming, so If you are proposing to attend or do not know where to find the address please e-mail me at

Yours in sport,
Tony Jeffery, for the Committee