Pathfinder 3-stage Trial


Pathfinder 2018 – results

Pathfinder 2018 results are can now be found here: PathfinderResults2018v4_20180508withST_Times (2)


They are also available on the Nomads facebook page and will be posted to those who sent in postal votes. Thanks again to all those involved supporting the Nomads and Surrey TRF in this event.  Its been a huge success and we look forward to doing it all again next time!

There are some event photos on Flickr and a couple of video on youtube (thanks to Stewie Roberts and Nigel McGoldrick)





Aldermaston Nomads – Pathfinder 3 stage trial –  Sunday 29th April 2018


Aldermaston Nomads and Surrey TRF are pleased to be able to announce that regs are now available for the Pathfinder 3 stage trial.  Once again, the venue will be Frith Hill at Deepcut near Bagshot in Surrey.  The organising team have been surveying and planning the route and it’s looking like it will be a fun lap based around the course of the last couple of years. Some of the best sections are retained, but with new ones to keep things fresh.

For the first time entries will be available online on the ACU website, but you can still enter using the paper entry form. Entries are limited to 100.

The regs can be found here and the ACU online entry system. Entries open on 7th March.  Don’t miss your chance to ride the only 3 stage trial still running in the UK. It’s a great day’s riding suitable for riders of all abilities on pretty much any bike as long as it wears a trials or enduro rear tyre and is well silenced. Be aware that good riding areas have been lost in the vicinity due to noise problems in the past.

In case you have never ridden a 3-Stage before:

Its a mix between a trial and a time trial based on the original Army training trials format for all levels of rider! Below you can see an idea of how it usually works. Number of laps depends on course and conditions on the day.

Stage 1 – Trial. 2 laps of 10 trials sections which are wide (big enough for trail bikes). Marking is 0,1,2,3,5  Around 2 hours to complete. There will be a short special test in this Stage.

Stage 2 – Time Trial. 2 or 3 laps of the same sections (possibly eased slightly), but with a time limit of around an hour and a half. Harsher marking in the form of 0,3,5.  Multiple bikes allowed in a section, but at riders risk!

Stage 3 –  3 or 4 laps in an hour but sections are not observed for footing or stopping – you just pass through the sections begins gate and any guide tapes as a checkpoint.  Number of laps depends on class and conditions on the day


There is a break between each stage.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Pathfinder Regs: N611(PF18 Regs-3) – 97 (002)