Pathfinder 3-stage Trial

Aldermaston Nomads and Surrey TRF – Pathfinder 3 stage trial

Another event postponement I’m afraid…

I have to let you all know that we have had to postpone the Pathfinder 3 Stage. Whilst the Gov and ACU rules allow for motorcycle events from the 29th March, it transpires that the MOD/Landmarc have decided that events must be restricted to 30 on MOD land.

We don’t yet know when that will be changed. Once we get word of a change to that limitation, we will be looking for alternate dates.


Aldermaston Nomads and Surrey TRF – Pathfinder 3 stage trial – Sunday 17th May 2020

Aldermaston Nomads and Surrey TRF are pleased to be able to announce that we will once again be running the Pathfinder 3 stage trial in 2020. After a successful return to Bagshot D1 and 2  last year, we have once again been able to secure the use of the Bagshot driver training areas in Surrey.

The Landmarc event licence is in place and the date will be Sunday 17th May.

For those of you that have ridden the event in the past, or are familiar with Trials and Enduro in the South East, you will know how good this venue is, and how lucky we are to get it again.
We will be using both sides of the motorway ( D1 and D2)

Entries will primarily be through the ACU online entry system, but should this be an issue for you, please contact us to arrange a postal entry. Entries are limited to 100 – be aware that we filled the entry in 24 hours last year.

The regs will be advertised on the Nomads website, Facebook, and the ACU online entry system. Entries open on 7th April.

regs:  N653(PF20 Regs) – 97 FINAL

Don’t miss your chance to ride a unique event on a great riding area that is not often. It’s a great day’s riding suitable for riders of all abilities on pretty much any bike as long as it wears a trials or enduro rear tyre and is well silenced.

Be aware that the reason that Bagshot is difficult to get access to is noise. Make sure your bike is properly silenced. We reserve the right to noise test bikes we consider too noisy.

To get a feel for the event, attached below are the 2019 results and some picture galleries.


Pathfinder 2019 – Final Results

That’s the Pathfinder over for another year. It was the first time back at Bagshot for quite some time and the place looks pretty different with all the forestry work. Please see attached for the FINAL Pathfinder 2019 results.

Summary results

PathfinderResults2019-summary – FINAL

Detailed results

PathfinderResults2019-detailed – FINAL

As my first time as clerk of the course, it was a busy few days but I had a great team supporting me from the experience of the Aldermaston Nomads to the enthusiasm of the Surrey TRF. We also had amazing and unprecedented support from all the riders for what we worked out to be the 54th running of this great event.

I hope you enjoyed the course and the day as a whole! Thanks to all the riders and officials who supported this unique event.

Also thanks to the photographers out there (including the Epsom camera club). I’m pretty sure there are photos of the entire entry.

Link to an album of great photos courtesy of Stewie Roberts

 and another gallery courtesy of Roy Twyman