Pathfinder 3-stage Trial

The Aldermaston Nomads Pathfinder 3 stage trial.

We are pleased to be able to announce that we will once again be running this classic event  in 2018.  We believe it is now the last of its kind in the country, so your only chance to ride a 3-Stage. The planned date 29th April, 2018. The venue is booked and preparations are underway.  Put it in your diaries!

In 2017, we received fantastic support from the Surrey TRF and they were one of the main reasons the event was well over subscribed.  The fantastic support now extends into 2018 and we will be partnering with the Surrey TRF for the Pathfinder 2018. We hope that by working together we can improve this already excellent event even further.

More information as planning progresses!