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The Mike Slatter trial was held in surprisingly good weather at the Pickling Yards in Mortimer. It was a great and well supported trial with 45 entrants riding 4 laps of 10 sections. Huge thanks to the Haines family for organising the event, plus all the usual team supporting.   We should also pass on our thanks to the Englefield Estate for their ongoing support.

Andy Withers also kindly provided us with great photos and a report on the event which you can find below.  The detailed results can be found here – nb. In the interests of getting the results out, I have scanned the handwritten results sheets:

Aldermaston Nomads MCC – The Mike Slatter Trial
27th November 2022
Report: Andy Withers Photos: Awsportsphoto
Aldermaston Nomads’ held their first Open Trial for many years with the Mike Slatter Trial on the Englefield Estate near Mortimer in Berkshire. The trial was held in memory of Mike Slatter who in 1962 was one of the four founding members of the Aldermaston Nomads MCC. Mike, who’s passion was sidecar trials passed away six years ago. The trial included the final round of the Southern Centre George Allan Pre65 and the Twinshock Championship.
Forty five riders took on the four laps of ten sections with carefully crafted sections challenging all three routes with plenty of water and mud. Brice Haines and the team made good use of the natural features of the venue including a good long lap around the varied terrain.

Tom Hawthorne topped the A route losing just three marks and outscoring top Air Cooled Mono rider Luke Hora on his Fantic. Hora put in a particularly good performance in his first ride back from a broken wrist losing just four more than Hawthorne. There was a Hawthorne double with John topping the Pre65 C class to gain his second round win of the championship series on his Tiger Cub. Second placed Graham Barton was six marks down on Hawthorne on his James but topped the George Allan Trophy series overall. Tony Billingham maintained his lead in the Twinshocks with nearest challengers Mik Machinek and Geoff Muston finishing down the order. John Zottl on his immaculate TY Yamaha topped the class losing just a single mark for the equal best result on the route with Adrian Steele who was best modern on his TRS also scoring one. Talmag stalwarts Neil Osman and Kelvin Bint went head to head at the top of the Pre67 class on the B route, Osman on his Drayton BSA C15 outscoring Bint’s standard 350cc Triumph, veteran John Eckhart showed tremendous determination finishing third in class. On the C route Trev Newell put in an inspired ride losing just a single dab on his Royal Enfield, lost coming out of a ditch on section 8, he outscored Jim Gray to top the Pre65 class, Gray was the best rigid on his Ariel. A five for Gray from a misjudged climb over roots on section 4 causing the bulk of his scoring, Andy Withers was three back on nine, one more than best modern Ron Walters who finished on eight.
Riders hope that the Aldermaston Team will be able to repeat this excellent trial in 2023, thanks to the club organisational team and the full compliment of observers.

Modern A: Tom Hawthorne (Sherco) 3, Reynard Norris (Beta) 10, Darren Haines (Beta) 15, Fraser Strutt (GasGas) 21, Max Agar (GasGas) 23, Jason Clifford (Beta) 23, Ben Green (GasGas) 84
Air cooled Mono A: Luke Hora ( Fantic) 7,
Youth A: Luke Batton (TRS) 61
Modern B: Adrian Steele (TRS) 1, Stephen Barrett (TRS) 7, Chris Judd (GasGas) 9, Keith Knight (Montesa) 10, Richard Hawthorne 11, Pete Haines (Beta) 18, Geoff Shaw (TRS) 24, Paul Green (Beta) 74, Harley Gorst (Beta) 99
Air Cooled Mono B: Dave Henvest (Honda) 22
Twinshock B: John Zottl (Yamaha) 1, Alex Taylor (Fantic) 5, Roy Haines (Yamaha) 6, Mik Machinek (Honda) 7, Geoff Muston (Honda) 8, Dave Barrett (Yamaha) 10, Paul Meader (Fantic) 14
Pre67 B: Neil Osman (BSA) 10, Kelvin Bint (Triumph) 27, John Eckhart (Triumph) 112
Pre65 B : George Allan B: John Hawthorne (Triumph) 1, Graham Barton (James) 7, Nick James (DOT) 17, Jonathon Hawthorne (Triumph) 17,
Youth B: Charlie Barrett (Montesa) 29, Howard Mumford (Yamaha) 63,
Modern C: Ron Walters (Beta) 8, Michael Thomasius 56
Rigid/Pre65 C: Trev Newell (Royal Enfield) 1, Jim Gray (Ariel) 6, Andy Withers (BSA) 9, Glen Hutchins (James) 21,

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