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Club Trial Championship – Round 1 – Ellisons Canyon/Headlongs – 8th Oct 16


The first round of the Nomads club trials championships was held on the 8th Oct at Ellisons on a bright sunny ( with just a little rain!) autumn Saturday. The going was actually very dry for this piece of ground.

Thank you to everyone for supporting our trial and particular thanks for Reynard, Dave Barrett and Tony Moulder for marking out  – Pity Reynard had little help to clear up afterward – perhaps we can see a little more help next time?

Class positions were as follows:

A route                                                              B route
Reynard Norris    7 marks lost                       Adrian Steele              0 marks lost
Alex Taylor           8                                           Mark Elms                   2
Geoff Herbert     21                                         Richard Hawthorne   18
Dave Barrett       41                                         Simon Farmer             41
Will Fidler            43                                         Gary Bridges               52

C route                                                             Youth A
Peter Armstrong 79 marks lost                    Thomas Hawthorne  9 marks lost

Pre-65  (B route)                                               Youth B (B route)

Roy Haines           63 marks lost                     Bailey Tidbury            36 marks lost

Full results:  ctc-rd1-results-ellisons-canyon-headlongs-081016

It was good to see a few twinshocks mixing it up on the A route, and also great to see that the Youth class winners would have placed 3rd and 5th respectively on the adult B route!

Our next trial will be at the Pickling Yards, St. Catherines Hill, Mortimer RG7 3UG. Start is 11am, and regs will be on this site in due course.

Secretary of the meeting – Anne Haines 01189 333145