Aldermaston Nomads – Closed to Club Trials Championship 2017/18- rd5 – Barlows Pit, Hermitage – 26/05/18 – RESULTS

Closed to Club trials championships – round 5 – Barlows Pit, Hermitage

Evening everyone,

The 5th round of the club trials championship was held Barlows Pit, Hermitage on 26th May.  This is a great piece of ground – dry and sandy with some good climbs. Ten good sections were set out by Reynard Norris and Dave Barrett. Even the weather stayed dry, albeit with a hot and humid afternoon. A good mix of  sections – some fairly easy, and others tricky on the ever-moving loose sand. Surprisingly, only 16 riders attended on the day, since Barlows Pit is a fun place to ride.

Well done to the class winners and thanks to everyone who supported the Nomads trials championship this season. We look forward to seeing you all again at the end of September at Ellisons Canyon for start of the 18/19 season.

Full results:results CtC 17-18 – Round5 – 260518


A route B route C Route Pre-65/B
1st Reynard Norris 9 1st Mark Elms 0 1st Laurence Hansen 1 1st Ken O’Brien 0
2nd Alex Taylor 15 2nd Adrian Steele 2 2nd William Brown 2
3rd Tom Hyde 17 3rd Dave Barrett 5 3rd Jonathan Evans 3
Pre-65/C Youth B / B
1st Roy Haines 0 1st Bailey Tidbury 4