Club Trials Championship – Round2 -Pickling Yards

With the very heavy rain overnight continuing into Saturday morning it was not surprising that only 17 riders turned up for this trial on our best piece of land. However, Reynard had laid out the sections on Friday with the forecast in mind, so the marks were not astronomic and there was only one retirement. Let’s hope for better conditions for our next charity trial at the same venue on Monday 2nd January 2017


Winners –                           A Route                                Reynard Norris                  5 Marks  

                                              B Route                                Mark Elms                           0 Mark

                                                C Route                                Nigel Woods                      8 Marks

                                                Youth B  (B Route)           Bailey Tidbury                    50 Marks

                                                Youth C  (B Route)           Max Agar                             76 Marks


full results:ctc-rd2-results-pickling-yards-121116