Aldermaston Nomads – The Future of the Club – EGM – 14th August

Hi Everyone, just a quick reminder that the Nomads EGM is tomorrow night at the Ambassador Club in Tadley – hope to see some new faces there!

The Aldermaston Nomads have not held an AGM for several years due to Covid etc.  The club has managed to survive during this period thanks to the stalwart efforts of the few.  However, this is not sustainable, and more help is needed if the club is to have a future.  The ACU’s imposition of Sport 80 (online entry, membership, permits etc) has also increased the burden on those with the IT skills to navigate it!

The upshot is that the club is on its knees and urgently needs more help and fresh blood if it is to continue.

Please come along to the AGM (or in this case an EGM – Extraordinary General Meeting) on Monday 14th August at 7:30pm at The Ambassador Club,

Hangar Rd.,off Bishopswood Rd,Tadley,Hants,RG26 4QQ

Help steer our club to a bright new future.  If you can’t make the date but are able to help in some way please email Ian Mace ( or Brice Haines ( Either way let us know if you would like to come along.

The agenda can be found here – h