The Mike Slatter Trial incorporating the George Allan Pre’ 65 & Twinshock Championship Rd3

The Aldermaston Nomads are pleased to able to announce the Mike Slatter Trial – incorporating round 3 of the George Allan Pre’ 65 & Twinshock Championship . This will be a Trial aimed at Twinshock and Pre65 bikes with sections set to suit.

There will also be some modern bike entries accepted though we anticipate favouring the classic community.

The event will be at the ever-popular Pickling Yards at Mortimer (RG7 3UG) on Sunday 27th November 2022 . This venue has been used for many years and is well suited to classic trials. . We will be using observers at this event, so if you can help, please contact Brice ( ) or myself ( )


A Route :     Moderns ‘A’          Air Cooled Mono ‘A’       Twinshock ‘A’       Pre ’67 ‘A’.

B Route :     Pre ’65 George Allan ‘B’        Twinshock’B’           Pre ’67 ‘B’         Air Cooled Mono ‘B’        Moderns ‘B’

C Route :    Rigid,Pre ’65 ‘C’       Twinshock ‘C’      Pre’67 ‘C’      Air Cooled Monos ‘C’         Moderns ‘C’.

Entries will be through the ACU website and are open now. We will be taking day entries if not full. Access to the venue is from 9:30 with the start at 10:30.